Coming Event (posted by: [GM]Chilla)

Sunday, 3:00 pm Mar 25, 2018

Event Name: Medius Event
Event Details: Random Boss and lalabas sa Medius Ides. PVP event.
Event Prize(s): Random boss
Coming Event (posted by: [GM]Blake)

Sunday, 9:00 pm Mar 25, 2018

Event Name: Desert Kings!
Event Details: 2x Alakdana will appear in DD1 for the daily event.
Event Prize(s): n/a
Coming Event (posted by: [GM]Chilla)

Monday, 3:00 pm Mar 26, 2018

Event Name: Hide and Seek
Event Details: Find the hiding GM and win prizes. Non PVP event.
Event Prize(s): Recrune / def, pow lapisia / Op hammer